Hello, reader. Welcome to a new world of wonders and magic.     Lower Manhattan, New York City. A woman in a black suit paces along a brilliantly lit corridor. Her glossy dark hair is tied up into a neat bun, almond brown eyes flashing with urgency. She passes by a row of office areas bustling with operators and agents, her kitten heels clicking louder against the white ceramic floor...

1. The Recruits


Aslan’s Express. Upper Manhattan. Six people are sitting around a small coffee table, their expressions tense, a heavy silence walled up between them. Their unsettling eyes wander around the coffee shop, trying to avoid eye contact with one another. The warm café is bustling with college students chattering endlessly at their own tables. Jazz plays softly in the background, and an exotic aroma of...

1.1 The Recruits


  Oakenhart Manor, Staten Island. The recruits arrive at a large Elizabethan estate standing amongst a grove of pine trees and spruces. They exit the van, and the agent signals them to follow him. Everyone stares in awe as they tread across the vast frost-coated lawn leading to the towering, three storey manor. The estate’s façade is covered in thick ivy, the mullioned windows tainted and...

1.2 The Recruits


  In the kitchen, Lana admires the antique furnishings around her. Glass cabinets filled with untouched chinaware, beautiful stained windows like those in a Gothic cathedral, and a wood burning stove crackling at the end of the room. A basket of fruits lay on top of a rosewood table in the center of the kitchen. Lana plucks out a grape from its stem, and walks towards the buzzing fridge...

2. The Mask


  “I’m not dying like this!” Alvin pounds on the door again as water incessantly gushes into the bedroom. “You guys are fucked up!” “Quit whinging.” orders Theo. Alvin sneers. “You have a better idea?” “Relax, they’re not gonna kill us off. It’s a test.” Ahhh! A loud cry echoes throughout the chamber from the adjacent room, followed by the sound of growling noises. “Guess we’re not the only...

2.1 The Mask


  It is a fine, cold morning. The sky is a deep azure, thin streaks of clouds stretching across the brilliant blue canvas. The evergreen spruces surrounding the manor sway along with the morning breeze as tuneful chirps ripple across the lawn like nature’s own music box. Theo stands poised on the grass, holding a recurve bow in his hands. He pulls out a black carbon arrow from a leather...

2.2 The Mask


  Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport, Cusco, the Republic of Peru Dark blue sign boards welcome the team as they emerge out from the arrival gate. Everyone’s eyes are sagging with fatigue and robbed of energy, faces looking twice their age. Roman and Theo push their trolleys piled up with baggage as a security personnel in a khaki jacket and loose cargo pants eyes them suspiciously. “Still...

2.3 The Mask


The sun has long faded away, the indigo sky now inundated with freckles of shining stars. The temperature has dropped, the air now damp and bitter. Bright lampposts light up the streets of Cusco as Lana strolls along the cobblestone sidewalk, admiring the clay-roofed colonial houses and souvenir shops around her. A brick red Gothic cathedral stands ahead, its palatial façade bathed in a golden...

3. The Serpent


“What in the bleeding fuck am I looking at?” Theo clamps his jaw as he examines the satellite image of the serpent on the screen. “I’m as baffled as you are.” says Roman. “It’s definitely reptilian.” adds Liam. “You don’t say.” mutters Alvin. “Is this real?” Lana questions the authenticity of the image as she sits on the bed, lost in thought. “Government satellites don’t lie.” asserts Liam...

3.1 The Serpent


  A white pickup truck drives through a sheer denseness of tropical trees and ferns. The sun is high up in the sky, and despite the towering canopies, scorching sunlight still manages to pierce its way into the rainforest, the ground sizzling and sending up a disorientating haze. The truck comes to a stop, and a man steps out of the vehicle. He’s drenched in sweat, but appears undisturbed by...




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